Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Girl grows up...

FIVE years…she gnarled, whined , broke rules secretly ( like sneaking her pet stuffed bunny to school)... She worked to fit in when we moved from Houston to Memphis all at a tender age of 5 , made friends and lost some to the girlie fights over the years( part of girls growing up they told me)... She would wake up many days not wanting to go to school, not liking her teachers who believed in her potential and so pushed her limits..... She was an honor student most times and some times slipped grades…. Silly me always thought , that she didnt like the place, and that today she would be liberated, to move on and start new..... But last night, she sat up late night thanking every teacher at all her 5 last grades....writing specific mention of things they did to make her a better kid..."whoa!", that is something I was'nt expecting. And this morning, she was close to tears , as she stood on my office door-way still in her PJs summoning the courage to make the last trip to her elementary school…, “I am going to miss this school Daddy”, she remarked. I was moved close to tears, as I thought “ My baby has grown, and it’s such a bitter-sweet moment, but glad to see she is moving on with great memories of her childhood school” . Fly on silver girl…my dear Ananya…!

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