Monday, October 18, 2010

Aahh!... The Joy of Riding...

105 miles in the last 4 weeks, I am begining to groove with my bicycle ( a Road Raced, Felt F85). It responds, its a feeling of cutting butter when my legs cut through the air with the pedals. Sometimes there isn't a sense of the existence of the chain ( I borrow that from Lance Armstrong in his book, Every Second Counts). Speed matters, yes it does. Thats what road biking essentially comes down to, the body and the machine grooving to create motion. And motion is in essence speed. Loving it!


Tanjavur Iyer said...

Good to finally see a blog...its been a while. Getting poetic and all with the cycling, thats good too. I think the next meditative you will experience will be when you climb up a good sized mountain. The rhythm of the pedaling, the absolute quiet and beauty of the surroundings and the sweat you will be working up will be so wirth it. The downhill is just the icing on the cake.

Colorado beckons!!!

Anonymous said...

great run and a great splash excelent con gratulatioins and best wishes for the enxt run. Once you give your best you are always the winner so0 said your illustroiuos nephew.
so nice a wording.
You score of 4 8 is excellent considering the training you toOK. tHE LIBRARY BACK GROUND IS STILL MORE ENTERPRISNG AND EXCELLENT COLLECTION OF BOOKS.

Anonymous said...

great run and a great narration excellent congratulations and best wishes for the next marathone.
if you give your best then you are always are a winner so said your illustriuos nephew.
so is the case with the present run.
You back ground librry is srtill more greater with the no of books lined up.How is your marathone with the strength finder?