Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Experiments with Light

I plunged into to the world of photography when I did a tactical investment on the Nikon D5000 during the trip to Rocky Mountains. I am sorrunded by friends gifted in photography, and thier passion inspired me to give it a try. First thing I am discovering is that the world around is beautiful, something that I have not taken close notice . Photography is opening the possibility of being visually aware. Last week , I tagged with Santosh ( Iyer) to do some aimless photo-shoots.

My first realization as we do these photo-shoots is how unintentional my photos have been .Now don't get me wrong, my photos did what they intended to, which is picturization of events for memories. However, the art of making the mundane look beautiful is a gift, and hopefully can be acquired ( will be my saving grace). Here are a few of the shots I picked from the pile that were shot . Most of it was learning to compose right, and play with light...

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Tanjavur Iyer said...


Learning to "see" can absolutely be an acquired skill. I highly recommend you join a website that can offer a critique of images. Or have a fellow photographer friend (like SI) critique your images. IMHO it is good for others to be able to critique your images AS WELL as you being able to critique images made by others. Pretty soon you will start to see a pattern emerge and you will recognize what appeals to you and what does not. In parallel you will have learnt the basics of "seeing".

How to handle the camera and understanding the basic principles of photography is the easy part. Learning to compose an image will come over time. Over the years, I learned a lot from a website called It is free! Another site is The cool thing is you can simply visit these sites to look at how other amateurs are shooting images. Jump in and start offering your will make some interesting friends online.

In the old days photographers had their own dark room, these days it is the digital darkroom and you will need to learn some basic photo editing on your computer so you can play with cropping and experimenting with black and white. Photoshop elements is a good editing tool...$50.

Lastly, I liked your comment about becoming aware of the beauty around you...yes! Absolutely so much beauty in our lives...people, places and events. Happy shooting and I am sorry for the rambling comment in here.