Monday, April 19, 2010

Pain of not showing up

Its turning out that I may have to drop out off the Louisville Marathon. My two week old calf muscle strain has resurfaced after the trail race on Sunday. Its taking a lot on my part to let go and not risk a long term injury, and perhaps it will be so. But its emotionally painful .

Every marathon sign up is a celebration. I am a relatively new marathoner , 7 under the belt and yet I am sure someone who has done 50 feels the same. The excitement, the challenge and the butterflies that flutter in the stomach.

But in the same token, the training for a marathon is a way of life. A commitment that one makes to a fitness discipline, no different to what a monk commits to in the temples of Shaolin. There are dangers , risks, pains and moments of desperation and sense of pointlessness. To not show up on the starting line after all is a bitter pill to swallow. I may have to swallow this one, and hope its the right thing to do in the interest of keeping running .

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